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  • 200L Low Compress Bag

    COCO GROW 50L Bag is a premium Coco Peat material buffered out of Calcium Nitrate. It is extremely low in potassium and 100% natural medium with very low Electric Conductivity (EC) Level. Our product allows high water absorption and maintains the essential air ratio for faster growth and stronger root structure allowing hazard free growing under a range of various conditions. COCO GROW 50L Bag includes 100% treated material therefore fight against harmful fungus and insects is not a problem anymore.

    High water retention capacity and slow releasing nutrients ensure the continuous growth of the plants while creating strong rooting system.

    Benefits of using our COCO GROW 50L Bag

    • Perfect air/ water ratio, therefore COCO GROW 50L Bag provides great aeration and porosity
    • 100% bio degradable product with low potassium, sodium, chloride and low tanning.
    • The PH Level is stable so that the product does not contain acidity nature.
    • Very low in Electric Conductivity(EC) therefore it is ideal to use as a seed starting media and support for root development of plants.

    COCO GROW 50L Bag is recommended for:

    • Vegetable Growers
    • Fruit growers
    • Hydroponics
    • Potting mix
    • Cannabis Plantation
    • Seed planting
    • Root Development
    ProductCOCO GROW 50L Bag
    Packing772 bags per pallet, Total 20 pallets for 40 HC
    MoistureBelow 70%
    Electric conductivity(ec)Below 0.4 ms/cm
    Potassium (k)Below 200mg/kg
    Sodium (na)Below 200mg/kg

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