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  • Grow Bag

    Coir Grow Bags contain a blend of coco peat and coco chips. Selected raw materials are blended and compressed into a standard ratio to make slabs for the required size.

    This is the most desirable medium to grow in a soil-free environment with the latest technology. The growers are moving away from soil and the demand for Pure Coco and high-quality Hydroponic Grow Bags.

    There are many advantages in using grow bags such as Air water ratio, the Best medium for quick vegetation, Quicker root establishment, User-friendly and easy to handle, Optimizes the use of water and fertilizer, Convenient for transportation and storage of Grow Bags and reasonable prices.

    They are ideal for commercial nurseries, greenhouses, and home gardens.

    Hydroponic grow bags are used by vegetable production such as Peppers, Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Strawberries etc.

    These grow bags are prepared in pressed, high-density bags with ultra violet (UV) protection.

    Another advantage is that they are easy to transport before re-hydration. We provide pre-cut drain holes, planting holes and dripper holes as per customer requests.

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